Lost Saga SEA 1.2 update

02-JUN-2017 PM 14.53 | Update

Dear Fighters,

There is a server maintenance on 5 June 2017. 

Time: 9:00AM (GMT+8) ~ 11:00AM (GMT+8)

YOU ASK FOR IT AND YOU GOT IT! In our new update, we will be bringing in 5 brand new heroes, new 2 events and bug fixes. Refer below for more information on the latest update:-


Login Event
How to participate in this event? Just login every day during the event period to receive rewards but make sure to login consecutively. Check the table below on the prizes of each day:

Period Number of Day Login Reward
  1st Day Login 4000 LP
  2nd Day Login Enhance Gacha Card
  3rd Day Login Hero Spirit Gacha 14 (1~20)
5 - 13 June 2017 4th Day Login Accessory Gacha
  5th Day Login 250 Dimensional Pieces
  6th Day Login Permanent Gear Supply
  7th Day Login Permanent Hero Scroll (1~20)


Battle time Event
How to participate in this event? Just like our launching battle time event, all you have to do is play for a certain period of time and you win rewards. Check the table below on the prizes of battle time:

Period Time Spent Reward
  40 minutes 10000 LP
5 -13 June 2017 30 minutes D Rank Pet Egg
  20 minutes Rank Hero Gacha (2H)
  10 minutes 500 Dimensional Pieces


Below is the table of the percentages of the Reinforced Card.

Item Count(s) Percent
Enhance card 10% 1 15%
Enhance card 10% 2 15%
Enhance card 10% 3 14%
Enhance card 20% 1 13%
Enhance card 20% 2 7%
Enhance card 30% 1 7%
Enhance card 30% 2 6%
Enhance card 40% 1 5%
Enhance card 50% 1 5%
Enhance card 60% 1 4%
Enhance card 70% 1 3%
Enhance card 80% 1 3%
Enhance card 90% 1 2%
Enhance card 100% 1 1%



We are bringing 5 brand new heroes in the Lost Saga SEA family. The 5 new characters are:

Mighty Paladin

The Mighty Paladin carries a huge hammer as if it was a light feather. Uses Judgement to close in the opponents, use the 360 degree Windmill to demolish all the opponents around you. Paving through the path the Mighty Paladin wishes to go. Its strongest power does not come from skills, but the ability of attack. Charge up the huge hammer to its full power and launch opponents across the map. Run, while you can.

Smile Joker

The Joker is a fast-paced melee hero who runs around the battleground in his jester-like costume clutching a Toy Hammer. The Joker throws Giggle Boxes in his enemy’s path and flattens them like pancakes with his massive 100-Ton Hammer. When angry opponents give chase, the Smile Joker turns himself into a Mini Joker and dashes out of sight. This trickster will finish his opponents off by tying them to one of his balloons and sending them on a one way trip to pain.

Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter, a mid-range hero, carries a shotgun that has relatively short range but improved hit and diffusing shots. His speed and range attacks make the Treasure Hunter a powerful foe. He will back his enemies into a corner, light them up with his trusty torch, sending them into a panic, and then finish them off with a Buster Shot to the face! He is tough, but also very sneaky, dropping to the ground to avoid any impending danger.

Lighting Mage

Careful not to be blind-sighted by the magical hero that controls the power of lightning. The Lightning Mage will use his spells to chain-shock number of enemies at once. He could shield himself with the field of electrical energy and call down a gigantic lightning from the sky to fry up his foes. The Lightning Mage is definitely one of the most shocking heroes out there.

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a powerful hero that swings a huge, dreadful scythe to strike his enemies. He can break his opponent's defense with the force of his gigantic scythe, charge to cut them down and launch dark energy that chains his enemies in the air. He can also teleport behind a careless opponent who will find the Reaper smiling behind him. If you get an eerie feeling that something is behind you during a fight, you’re probably already on your way to hell.



1. Fixed a problem that does not convert when Zhuge Liang is decomposed.
2. Change the cooldown time of sending clovers to 2 hours.
3. Added heroes from number 21~25. As well as their package.
4. Added Rare Equipment Gachabox (Duration 15 or 30 days)


Kindly log out before the stipulated time to avoid loss of items.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.