Lost Saga SEA Patch 1.2.1

09-JUN-2017 PM 15.56 | Update


There will be a server maintenance this coming Tuesday, 13 June 2017.

Time: 9am - 11am (GMT+8)

There will be several bug fixes as well as some new events.



Daily Login Event

We do apologize for the issue in the previous login event where users did not receive the rewards they were supposed to. We will be manually sending the rewards to users' accounts. To make up for that blunder, we'll be holding another login event from June 13 to June 27 with more fabuloas rewards to be gained.

 Period Number of Days   Reward
  1st Day LP 4000
  2nd Day Lunar Fish bait x40
  3rd Day Rainbow Megaphone x20
  4th Day LV10 Medal Slot 30D
  5th Day LV20 Medal Slot 30D
  6th Day LV30 Medal SLot 30D
13 - 27 June 2017 7th Day LP 10,000
  8th Day Gear Expand Slot 2pcs
  9th Day Permanent Gear Supply
  10th Day High Level User enhancement Package
  11th Day K's medal box
  12th Day Normal Hero Package 2
  13th Day Rare Permanent Gear Supply
  14th Day Rare Hero Gacha (2hours)


Referral Event

Coming soon.


Bug Fix

1. Unable to feed pets.

2. Unable to purchase Pet Egg C & D with Playcash.



*Kindly logout before maintenance starts to prevent any data loss and apologies for any inconvenience caused.